Bishop Dolan’s satanic “sermon” against Christ – Refuted


Original audio: July 3, 2007 Radio Program, by Most Holy Family Monastery.

Traduzione in Italiano: Il “sermone” satanico e anticristo del Vescovo Dolan – Refutato.

Transcript of the audio:


Bro. Michael: Brother Michael and Brother Peter Dimond with you, this Tuesday night,

We’re going to be covering, actually a sermon by Bishop Daniel Dolan, of Ohio, who is a pretty well-known quote: “traditional Catholic Bishop”.

And one of his talks that he gave was on the issue of: “is it necessary to receive water Baptism to be saved and be Catholic?”

And so, we’re going to be examining this particular sermon, tonight, because a lot of people try to say that: we’re too hard for telling people they can’t contribute to priests that promote that people can be saved in other religions, it’s just too hard, they are for the Mass or they hold the sedevacantist position, which Bishop Dolan does (hold the sedevacantist position), and also rejects the new quote: “sacraments” that have been promulgated by the post-Vatican II church, so he does hold some true positions, and many of these sedevacantist priest across the country hold the right positions on some issues, but almost all of them to a man hold the position that people can be saved in other religions, believe in ‘baptism of desire and blood’, promote ‘natural family planning’ and…

Some of them are quite vociferous about how they believe that they’re right about this, and have denounced those who hold the correct position, that: you have to be a baptized Catholic to be saved, and one of those persons that has done that is Bishop Daniel Dolan, so…

He’s not even a Bishop that someone could even go to receive the Sacraments from, because he has denounced those that would hold the correct Catholic position that you have to a baptized Catholic to be saved, has we shall see, so…

We want to, actually, play part of this talk he gave and give some quick commentary at certain points.


Bro. Peter: And so, we’ll go to the first clip now, from the sermon…


Daniel Dolan: Have you ever noticed, when the conversation gets around the religion, if you try to explain why you can’t go to uncle Charlie’s third re-marriage, or why you believe that Christ founded just one Church, somebody is always going to say: «Well, you’re saying that I’m going to Hell»?

I will respond that’s curious ‘cause we won’t bring it up someone else’s will…

And I suppose one’s reaction would be «Well, not that you do bring it up…», but, we are not here to send people to Hell, that is not our job, some Catholics think it is…


Bro. Peter: Now, we’re just going to stop it right there and offer a few comments, because he’s already, in the beginning of this discussion, starting to call into question the defined truth that all who die as non-Catholics are lost.

He brings up the example of a person who’s asking the Catholic: «So you’re saying I’m going to go to Hell?», and he’s using this as his example of a person who’s involved in a third marriage, well obviously that person is on the road to Hell, as are all who are outside the Church, and so a Catholic in Charity would have to say «Yes, you certainly are going to go to Hell, and I tell you that in Charity, and that’s why you have to enter the Church.»

But he, immediately, at the beginning of this sermon is calling into question because he says: «It’s not our job»; well, what could that mean? In other words: “it’s not our job to tell the person that: yes, you will go to Hell, if you remain on this path”?


What we’re going to show throughout this sermon which we’re going to quote from is that he reduces this truth: “Outside the Church there is no salvation” to a meaningless formula, by the time that this heretic is finished with it, it means nothing. And then he goes on in his assault on those who actually believe in what this truth says, and actually believe in the infallible proclamation of the Church on this teaching.

And so, we’re going to go to the next clip of his sermon…


Daniel Dolan: …We’re talking about them today [those “some Catholics” E.D.] but, that’s not our job, our job is to explain the plan our Lord has to send us to Heaven by means of the Church, one Church, Ark of salvation, outside of which there is shipwreck, and no salvation to be found. All of the other religions are men made, and are inspired by Hell, they teach doctrines of devils, which separate men from the Truth.

Our job is to teach the Faith, in its purity, it is not to sit in judgement of others, people send themselves to Hell, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it today, but we don’t need to add anything to that…

[notice what a hypocrite Dolan is, while he tries to sound witty by recognizing that most people on Earth today seem to be doing ‘a pretty good job’ in sending themselves to Hell, while all his sermon is about the fact that you cannot/should not judge the state of other people’s souls, according to him. E.D.]


Bro. Peter: Now, this is an interesting clip we just heard because, like all the other heretics, Dolan professes to adhere to this truth. They know they must reaffirm the slogan: “Outside the Church there is no salvation” so he does that, but again he immediately calls it into question by saying: «We cannot sit in judgement of others»; well, what could that possibly mean in this context? Obviously, it means that we cannot judge whether these people who are non-Catholics are actually going to Hell.

‘Yes: there is no salvation outside the Church, but we just don’t know…’

And as we continue, we’ll see that that’s exactly what he says.

And so, we’ll go to the next clip of this sermon…


Daniel Dolan: But we can by our prayers and by our words help souls to go to Heaven, the only way they can: in union with the Catholic Church.

What about those – one might say – who don’t know any better? Who are…invincibly ignorant…


Bro. Peter: Okay, he starts to introduce the concept of invincible ignorance, and we’ll see in this next clip how he says that this term was used infallibly by the Church, which is not true, it’s a falsehood. So, I just wanted to make that point and we’ll continue with this clip…


Daniel Dolan: This is the term infallibly used by the Church, Her Popes and Her Theologians. By Pope Pius IX, and Pope Pius the XII, [which] in particular have taught that no one goes to Hell except through his own fault, through his own capable sin, and no one goes to Heaven except through our Lord.

How does that work out in practical terms? We don’t know…we leave it to the mercy of God, which is immense; enough for us to follow the divine plan.

Heretics are never satisfied with following the divine plan, but always have to have some original thought to improve upon it.


Bro. Peter: Okay, there are a number of things to comment on in this section,

Number one: he says «We don’t know», exactly as I was talking about previously, that he doesn’t know who’s saved, even though he just claimed to believe that outside the Church there is no salvation; he doesn’t know! So, obviously, the impression given is that: a buddhist, a jew, a hindu, could make it.

He then says that Pius IX and Pope Pius XII in particular have taught that no one goes to Hell except through his own fault. That’s absolutely true. It does not therefore follow to say that people who are ignorant of the Gospel can be saved, that’s a non-sequitur. The church teaches that people who are left in ignorance of the Gospel and who die outside the Church are left in such ignorance of the truth they must have for salvation precisely because they commit deliberate sins of bad will.

So, those who go to the fires of Hell…the pagan on the island, he does so because of his lack of charity, because of his lack of honesty, because of the other sins which he commits which God sees, and therefore prevents God from giving him the Grace to find out about the Gospel and come into the Church.

So, to say that no one goes to Hell except through his own fault is not to prove anything.

And he also says that ‘heretics are never satisfied with following the divine plan, but always have to have some original thought to improve upon it’, and this is the height of hypocrisy here, because that’s exactly what he’s doing.

He’s coming up with his own original thought which contradicts what all of Tradition said about people who die outside the Church, and what the infallible definition says.

That he doesn’t know!

That we just don’t know, people who are ignorant could make it…

And so, we’ll just continue with this next clip here…


Daniel Dolan: Such as the case of a group of heretics in our midst, who are known as the “feeneyites”, the followers of an excommunicated Jesuit, Father Leonard Feeney, he was a writer and a poet, wrote some nice poetry, but he got all mixed-up when he came to theology…


Bro. Peter: Okay, he talks about Father Feeney being mixed-up when it comes to theology, meanwhile he’s the one saying that ‘outside the Church there is no salvation’ is true, but we just don’t know and we cannot judge whether these non-Catholics are saved. That: is being mixed-up.

Bro. Michael: And maybe you want to talk about how he says that the term [“invincible ignorance”] is infallibly used before.

Bro. Peter: Yes, and he makes references to Pius IX and theologians…

Bro. Michael: Speaking of ‘invincible ignorance’.

Bro. Peter: Yea, and in the book “Outside the Catholic Church there is absolutely no salvation” we have a whole section on Pope Pius IX and how the heretics try to use two fallible, non-Dogmatic statements that he made on this topic, [which] do not even state that people who are invincibly ignorant of the Gospel can be saved.

The one statement, [in] Quanto Conficiamur Moerore, states that: those who are ignorant of the truth of the Gospel can by the operating power of divine light and Grace be brought into the knowledge of the Truth. And Scripture’s quite clear that the meaning of the that phrase: “the operating power of divine light and Grace” is: receiving the Gospel.

That’s stated over and over again in the New Testament, that to receive the divine light is to receive the Gospel. And so that is a straight forth interpretation of that statement, of that phrase used.

Now, one could argue that it’s somewhat ambiguous, but it doesn’t clearly teach that people who are invincibly ignorant of the Church can be saved. That would-be heresy.

And furthermore, it’s not infallible. So, the other statement of Pius IX, that they like to use, is from Singulari Quadam, where Pius IX says that those who are in invincible ignorance are not held guilty in this matter in the eyes of the Lord. That’s true; as I was saying earlier, the people who are…the pagans on the island, who haven’t heard of the Gospel, they’re not held guilty in the matter of rejecting the Gospel, they’re held guilty for their other sins. So, that’s a separate issue.

And so, we were going to continue with the next clip here…


Daniel Dolan: Sixty years ago, in February of this year was he [Fr. Feeney] excommunicated by the Holy Father Pius XII. He denied, as do his followers today, that there is any such thing as ‘baptism of desire’ and ‘baptism of blood’, that there is any consideration given by the good God to those who are invincibly ignorant, for the matter of their salvation, and…some doubt this doctrine by saying: «It is water, or damnation, you’re not baptized with water: you, or someone you know is going straight to Hell.»


Bro. Peter: Here we see that he dishonestly asserts that all who reject ‘baptism of desire’ are – quote – “feeneyites”, or followers of Father Feeney, even though this was the majority view of the Church, who rejected the idea that catechumens who desired Baptism could be saved; and this idea of ‘water or damnation’ doesn’t come from Father Feeney, it comes from Jesus Christ, in John, Chapter 3, Verse 5: “Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter the Kingdom of God”, and the Council of Trent anathematized anyone who distorts that literal meaning into some sort of metaphor, like this heretic [Dolan] we’re listening to right now.

And as far as this being original or new: as we quote and yet these heretics never seem to learn, Saint Gregory Nazianzen rejected ‘baptism of desire’. He was a 4th century’s Church Father, one of the greatest, he’s considered “The Theologian”, in fact a liturgy says that his writings are without error; and yet these heretics lie and pervert people’s faiths by asserting that this was something that Father Feeney came-up with, when he’s simply repeating what the infallible definitions of the Church have said.

So, we’re going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: But the Holy Father spent one whole summer at Castle Gandolfo, I think it was 1948, going over line by line the response he made to this bold Jesuit, for daring to raise his voice against the Church’s Magisterium.

And we have the response today, there is no question or discussion about it. Or at least, there are not to be.


Bro. Peter: This is very interesting. Dolan here is referring to Suprema Haec Sacra, the 1949 letter from two members of the Holy Office against Father Feeney. “Archbishop” Cushing, who was the Bishop of Boston, wrote in to the Holy Office, asking about what Feeney was saying primarily about his teaching that all who die as non-Catholics are lost.

Now, Father Feeney was making many converts, he was stirring-up a lot of controversy, because as we pointed out, prior to ‘Vatican II’, almost all of the priests had fallen into a denial of this Dogma, they started to believe that you don’t have to be Catholic. And this actually paved the way for the wholesale apostasy we saw at ‘Vatican II’; so he’s simple reiteration that “you actually have to be Catholic” it really means that, brought upon him all kinds of resistance.

And so Cushing, this freemasonic-man of the year, was actually B’nai B’rith-man of the year, wrote to Rome about Feeney, and he was responded to by “Cardinal” Marchetti Selvaggiani and “Cardinal” Ottaviani, saying that: no, what Father Feeney says is wrong, etc., and that you can be saved through invincible ignorance, through ‘implicit baptism of desire’ without actually being a member of the body of the Church…all of this contradicts Catholic teaching, and the conclusion of the mainstream-media and the public was that they’re saying that “Outside the Church there is no salvation” is now false.

And Dolan says that this – quote – “bold” Jesuit dared to raise his voice against the Church’s Magisterium, yet, if that’s true, that that letter, which obviously isn’t infallible, as even Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton admitted, Pius XII did not solemnly approved it at all.

It was approved in common form, and that’s why this recent article we published on geo-centrism is so important, because it shows that the acts against Galileo and against those who would deny that the Earth is the center of the universe are much more authoritatively than what was done against Father Feeney.

So, this hypocritical heretic, Bishop Dolan, wants to hold this position and promote it, [but therefore] he’s going to have to hold that all who deny that the Earth is the center of the universe are heretics. Does he hold that? I don’t believe that at all. He would have to hold that all the theologians, in the last hundred years or whatever, who held that he Earth is not the center of the universe were teaching heresy, but he wouldn’t hold that, and that’s why these people are such hypocrites.

Bro. Michael: And also, he talks about not sitting in judgement of others but, quite hypocritically you can see that he’s actually judging that: those who hold the correct position that ‘you have to be a baptized Catholic’ are heretics and they’re not Catholics.

We would also like to know: does he hold that “Cardinal” Cushing of Boston, who boasted that he never even made one convert to the Catholic Faith, does he think that he was a Catholic? Does he sit in judgement of him? Or does he just sit in judgement of those who are trying to convert people to the Catholic Faith and tell people that you need to be baptized?

That’s what is very interesting, and also the fact that when Father Feeney was actually preaching this, in the Boston area, you had other so-called “Jesuit” priests that were talking about how they had a problem with Father Feeney preaching that there is no salvation outside the Church so, it was really about this issue, that there is no salvation outside the Church, didn’t even get into the issues of the denial of ‘baptism of desire and blood’ until a few years after he started preach that there is no salvation outside the Church.

So, I’d like to know if Bishop Dolan…and he’ll probably say: «Well, I don’t know» or «I don’t sit in judgement of those people (Cushing and the other priests who said that they don’t believe in ‘no salvation outside the Church’)», he probably wouldn’t even judge them, but you can see, quite hypocritically, he judges those who are telling people that you have to be Catholic and be baptized to be saved.

Bro. Peter: And so, we were going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: The danger that is done by this false teaching is immense today. Already in the 1950’s, it prepared the way for the confusion that reigns today among traditional Catholics…

[It is the second time that Dolan talks about those “condemning” or “confused” guys calling them “Catholics”. Apparently, he sometimes forgets to act as if we’re heretics… E.D.]


Bro. Peter: This is precisely the opposite of the truth, as we were just pointing out, it was precisely people like Bishop Dolan, who reduced this Dogma to a meaningless formula, who left people with the confusion that: “outside the Church there is no salvation” does not mean necessarily that non-Catholics can’t be saved, therefore: we don’t know!

It’s just a completely grey area, the jew could be in good-faith, the buddhist could be in good-faith, so there’s no real urgency, there’s no real necessity to bring them into the Church.

And this is proven, that it was heretics like Dolan, who paved the way for the confusion we’re seeing now; not people who held what Father Feeney held and what Catholics should hold.

This is proven in section 32 of our book on salvation, called “The Heretics Testify”, and there’s this ‘Novus Ordo’ “Jesuit” named “Fr. Mark Massa” who wrote a book called “Catholics and American Culture”, pointing out how Father Feeney was combatting this revolution in Catholic thinking that was occurring, that these people started now believe that non-Catholics didn’t need to be Catholics, and I’m going to quote his book, pages 32 and 33, says: “Long before 1965”, in other words before the end of ‘Vatican II’, “most North American Catholics had ceased to believe that their good Protestant and Jewish neighbors were going to eternal ruin at death, invincibly ignorant or not. Leonard Feeney had recognized as early as 1945 this quiet but quite important revolution in Catholic thinking about boundaries between Catholics and North American culture.”

So, he’s pointing out – he’s a ‘Novus Ordo’ priest who’s giving in this case an honest assessment of what happened – that Feeney was combatting this new heretical mindset, that these people didn’t have to be Catholic. So, it was heretics like Dolan who paved the way for the confusion and the apostasy that we’re now seeing, and that’s why actually if you ask any ‘Novus Ordo’ priest about salvation, they’re all going to agree with Dolan on this issue, they’re all going to give a similar answer.

Bro. Michael: And, one other interesting point is that Dolan, “Fr.” Cekada, Bishop Sanborn, CMRI, Society of Saint Pius V, numerous other independent priests will all criticize the post-‘Vatican II’ church for their ecumenism, and they will be right in doing so, but what’s so ironic is that they talk about how «the ‘Vatican II’ church promotes these religions that worship devils, and they meet and pray with these false religious leaders» and, well, the bottom-line is that these false-traditionalists, such as Dolan and the others, have the same ultimate conclusion as the post-‘Vatican II’ church.

That while they’re against the activity of ‘ecumenism’ on Earth, they still believe that these people who embrace these false religions, that practice these false religions, can be saved or/and will be saved!

And so, who really – I mean – is there that much of a difference?

No, because they believe that these people practicing the false religions can still go to Heaven.

So, that’s what people need to understand.

Bro. Peter: And so, we were going to go to the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: For if you posit that the Church, Rome, in an official Doctrine, document, could teach error, why then you ever know who to trust, or who to believe?

You destroyed the Church’s infallibility; and that, is a doctrine of devils…


Bro. Peter: This is just outrageous hypocrisy. He talks about destroying the Church’s infallibility, we have a solemn definition from the Council of Florence stating that all who dies jews, pagans, heretics, etc. are lost. He completely rejects that.

In fact, I’m going to read a quote of the letter from his colleague Bishop Sanborn who explicitly says that pagans and idolaters can be saved – that’s not a doctrine of devils, but holding what the Council of Florence teaches is a doctrine of devils, according to this devilish heretic –

[Here Brother Michael interrupts Brother Peter but don’t worry, Sanborn’s quote will be shown later E.D.]

Bro. Michael: And also, Bishop Sanborn told a person we know named Keith McKay from Michigan, he had a meeting with Bishop Sanborn, I think it was about a year or two ago, and he said: «You’re telling me, Bishop Sanborn, that a rabbi who rejects Christ can be saved?» and he said: «Yes».

Bro. Peter: And “Father” Cekada, in his debate in ‘The Remnant’, with apostate Brian Harrison, Brian Harrison brought up in defense of the Vatican II’s teaching that protestant religions are means of salvation, in the decree on ecumenism, number 3, Brian Harrison said «Well, only feeneyites would hold that all who die outside the Church are lost», and Cekada responded «Well, yes, individuals can be saved, but not their religions», meaning: it’s okay to say that non-Catholic individuals, can make it, just as long as you don’t say that they made it because of their religions.

Bro. Michael: And he’s talking about who can we trust if we can’t trust what’s coming from Rome, we have to follow whatever is coming from Rome, well, as he pointed out earlier, you’re in a devastating dilemma, because you’re going to have to believe that the Earth is the center of the universe therefore, and that is the devastating dilemma that they’re in.

Okay, so where’s your trust, now?

We have all these proclamations coming from Rome, from theologians, from other commissions, from Saint Robert Bellarmine, saying it’s de Fide to believe in geo-centrism.

Why doesn’t he hold that?


Bro. Peter: So, we were going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: There is no salvation outside the Church, but we must understand this Doctrine properly. Uh…the feeneyites, on the one hand, and then we have the liberal modernists on the other, both of them misunderstand it.

But what a shame, but what a tragedy it is…finally, there is great confusion caused, among Catholics and non-Catholics, by the false application of this, and how off-putting it is to those who might be able to be lead into the Church to be told: you and all your family are going straight to Hell.


Bro. Peter: This is very interesting, he says that is ‘off-putting’, to tell people, non-Catholics, that they and their families are going to Hell, obviously if they would remain and die outside the Church, and you tell them that in Charity. Well, he’s just ridiculing not only the traditional Saints of the Church, but the Dogma, and I’ll just read a quote from Saint Fulgence, 526 A.D.: “Hold most firmly and never doubt in the least that not only all the pagans but also all the Jews and all the heretics and schismatics who end this present life outside the Catholic Church are about to go into the eternal fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels.” But that’s off-putting, according to this heretic.

And I want to read another quote, from an interesting book called “The Wise Man from the West”, which I may comment on a little later, and it talks about how when the Franciscans and the Dominicans arrived in China, here’s what they did: “Their method of evangelizing was direct, uncompromising and took little account of the different psychology of the people to whom it was addressed. The mendicants walked through the streets holding up crucifixes, and when a crowd gathered preached in public very often through interpreters. The spaniards among them did not hesitate to proclaim that all the long line of Chinese Emperors were burning in Hell.”

And so, that’s what they preach because they believe that it was necessary and they wanted to inform people in Charity that it was necessary to be Catholic. But that’s off-putting, according to a heretic who doesn’t believe in this truth.

So, we were going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: I knew once of a case of an individual who was quite ill, and was seemingly sincerely received into the Catholic Faith…then some feeneyites came to call upon this person, with all their documentation, so like the Mormons, or the Jehovah’s witnesses going door to door almost, and… [the feeneyites] so confused this individual, with thoughts of the assurance that all of this person’s relatives are burning in Hell, that this person apostatized, and died outside the Church.

Due to just that mixture-making, by heretics.


Bro. Peter: Well, first of all, we see the animosity that he has toward the Truth, and toward those who promote the Truth, that’s because he has a deep-seeded rejection and unbelief, and so he has a hatred, an evil hatred of this Dogma, and of those who promote it. And so, he compares people who are aggressively trying to convert people and preach this truth, to “Jehovah’s witnesses”, which is outrageous.

But, it’s interesting as he describes this person – if these events occurred as they say and, who knows, I mean…you’re dealing with a heretic so he may have distorted what happened with this man of woman, but… – if this person truly lost the Faith, and his or her intention to convert because people were informing of the truth that you have to be a Catholic and that it’s necessary, then that person wasn’t of good-will, that person didn’t supernaturally believed in the Doctrines of the Church or the Church’s infallibility.

And so, that person didn’t have the Grace of Faith, and rejected it. And so, that’s just a false convert, just like the EWTN false converts, on the “Journey Home”, who say they’ve accepted the Catholic Faith but, you know, tell us how their protestant family, they’re going to see them in Heaven.

Bro. Michael: And also, like the false converts who claim to hold even the traditional Catholic positions but, travel to different parts of the country where some people believe differently on some issues and are willing to change their positions!

That’s a false convert.

And those people can say that they’ve done a lot of good work, in helping people, even bringing people information on the Catholic Faith: it won’t matter ultimately for that particular individual person, because he’s still going to lose his soul if he’s willing to compromise and change his position based upon where he’s speaking or who he’s speaking to. That’s a person that worships men, that doesn’t worship God.

Bro Peter: And so, we were going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: Heresy seems to be just one idea that’s out of culture, the gre-[indistinguishable word E.D.] to choose, one chooses a different idea, and the feeneyites would say «Well, ours is the only true interpretation», but when they or any heretic denies what the Church teaches, they are denying the Holy Ghost Himself, by refusing a prerogative to the Church, they are in reality refusing to submit their intellects and their wills to God who reveals.


Bro. Peter: And that’s precisely the opposite of the Truth. It’s heretics like himself and his heretical priestly friends who refuse to submit to the dogmatic definitions on the Church. They have no Faith in Jesus Christ, they don’t believe Christ is necessary, they don’t believe that He protects the definitions of the Church from error…

I’m going to read this quote from Bishop Donald Sanborn [here we are… E.D.], a priest with whom he’s in work and communion, he said, quote: «If by some mystery of Providence and Predestination they [pagans and idolaters] are united to the Soul of the Church, and by desire to its Body, it is in spite of their paganism and idolatry, it is due to an invincible ignorance or their error.»

So, he’s saying pagans and idolaters can be saved by being united to the Church, that directly contradicts Pope Eugene IV: he said that all the pagans are lost. And so he rejects what the Holy Ghost has taught through the Church, and yet he perversely makes it seem as if those who adhere to it, reject what the Holy Ghost has taught.

You’re listening to a true heretic at work, a true minister of Lucifer.


We’re going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: They’re slamming the door in the face of the office, of the Holy Ghost, which is to teach us because the Catholic Church cannot err.

In matters of Faith, or of morals. Anything which is taught by the Church is infallibly true; this is the bedrock on which we Catholics rest, and rest secure.

The only way for heretics is to humble themselves and to return to the Church.

Today is the birthday of the Catholic Church, and we should be proud to be Catholics… however, unless we are humble, we will not stay Catholics, for very long.

There are two things that are required to stay in the boat, the bark of Peter, and not to face shipwreck, as those who are maneuvering this horrible masonic conspiracy against our Church so earnestly desire.

The one of them is humility, to accept all that the Church teaches, just stay with the Church, nothing original, please…believe as our fathers have believed, and it is enough for us.

And the second of these, after humility, is hatred: to have a hatred of heresy, not to tolerate in any way or any sense…

I told a story before – indulge me if you heard it – I remember as a boy, this was just before the changes, I was in a Catholic great school in Detroit, the Dominican Sisters’ teaching, and one day sister announced to our class, that there were some heretic nuns going door to door selling their literature, the Saint Benedict Centre stuff; some of you may even have this in your homes…

And this good sister warned us, to have nothing to do with these women, and not to receive any of their literature. And I remember at the time being shocked but I never got over that feeling, I remember it still today, as it was just yesterday: a nun, who is a heretic, what a thought? How could this be?


Bro. Peter: It’s interesting, as you were pointing out recently, that…didn’t you read something were Dolan said that the only theological difference with Lefebvre and the Society of Saint Pius X was in regard to the ‘Vatican II’ church?

Bro. Michael: Yea, actually he said that in a sermon he gave, which I actually heard and basically was talking about Bishop Williamson when he was at that time “Fr.” Williamson, and “Archbishop” Lefebvre, that they had a meeting with Bishop Dolan and “Fr.” Cekada and maybe some other people possibly…and in this discussion it was all about the sedevacantist issue, if they could sort of come to an agreement on that issue, that the Chair of Peter is presently vacant, that that would settle everything.

They were in complete agreement on every other issue, so it was all about the sedevacantist issue.

And they obviously are in agreement on the issue of ‘Baptism not absolutely being necessary for salvation’, and obviously ‘natural family planning’.

Bro. Peter: And so, he doesn’t regard the nuns of the Society of Saint Pius X as heretics, even though their materials are filled with statements like this: “Souls can be saved in a religion other than the Catholic Religion: Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.” that’s in “Against the Heresies”, page 216, sold by the Society of Saint Pius X.

So, probably almost 100% of their nuns believe that, but those nuns aren’t heretics…but this nun he portrays as totally evil, a heretic ready to snatch souls away. When, in reality, he’s the one snatching souls away and corrupting people’s Faith.

Bro. Michael: And I actually don’t understand – I mean – it’s almost every person you speak to that goes to one of these so called traditional priests or Bishops, and you tell them: do you know that they believe people in other religions can be saved?

«No! They don’t believe that! I’ve been going there for a five years/ten years/twenty years…»

I mean, I’ve been listening just to a few of their sermons, it’s quite clear their heretical positions, that they believe people in other religions can be saved. It’s time to wake up!

Bro. Peter: And people wonder why we’ve denounced these groups: this is why, okay?

Because these people are true heretics, and they need to be denounced, and sadly what Dolan says, even though he’s a little more aggressive than some of them, what he believes is what almost 100% of these priests actually believe.

So, we were going to continue with the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: [“As though as” or something E.D.] somehow we just have a Latin Mass of some kind, all else as well, [indistinguishable word E.D.] for the Holy Ghost, and the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church.


Bro. Peter: Again, just to quick comment, we see the perversion as if he’s dedicated to the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church, when that’s exactly what he’s trashing.

We’re going to go to the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: I heard a story just recently, some Catholic about my age who grew up in Boston, just during the time of this controversy in the 1950’s, and he told me how the sermons every Sunday, week after week, were always on the same things: the Church’s infallibility, what ‘baptism of desire’ means or ‘baptism of blood’ and the rest of it, because the Church has this zeal to root out heresy.


Bro. Peter: He says that preaching ‘baptism of desire’ constantly is a sign of zeal, to root out heresy. And this is just amazing, considering that 99.9% of the people we’ve dealt with who believe in ‘baptism of desire’, including Bishop Dolan, hold that ‘baptism of desire’ means that it’s possible for buddhist, jews, pagans, etc. to be saved.

It’s Faith-destroying, it’s evangelization-killing, and yet he perversely and wickedly promotes it as if it represents zeal to root out heresy.

And Lefebvre himself in the quote I just read where he says “Souls can be saved in Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism…” goes on to say “this is baptism of desire”.

So, we were going to continue with the next quote…


Daniel Dolan: And he told me that he too remembers in great school being told by the nuns: if you’re approached by any of these feeneyites, you must have nothing at all to do with them.

[so according to Dolan, Catholics are in communion with buddhists, but yet have nothing to do with “feeneyites” E.D.]

He said he remembers once as a boy meeting a feeneyite nun on the street, and she looked like a nun, but what made him a little suspicious was that she was awfully friendly; and the old days the nuns were very strict, and very reserved…


Bro. Peter: Notice how the heretic dishonestly implies that this nun was not strict or that she was lack because she was friendly.

Just wanted to make that quick comment, and we’re going to go to the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: And so…she got out a book to give him and he took the book just a moment and then he looked up better and he said: «Sister, are you from Father Feeney?»

And she smiled a big crocodile smile and said «Well, yes, I am!»


Bro. Peter: Again we see the heretic making a sinister attempt to portray the nun’s smile as even evil.

I just want to make that point, then we’re going to go on to the next clip…


Daniel Dolan: And he throws the book back at her and he ran down the street…as fast as he could.

[Because you know, that nun wasn’t an hindu or pagan, o no, she was a feeneyite!! E.D.]

That is fortitude, that is piety. That is knowledge and fear of the Lord…

[Wait a minute, has Dolan’s “Lord” to be feared? Wasn’t he going to save you even if you were of the wrong religion? E.D.]


Bro. Peter: That was the end of the clips we were going to play from Dolan, and his assault on the necessity of the Catholic Faith for salvation and those who adhere to it.

And in it we see the hatred of the truth, the perversion of the truth, the lying, the Faith-destroying conclusions, which leaves a person in a state of nebulous confusion, by which: we don’t know who’s saved, we can’t judge, we leave it up to God…even though the Church has commanded us to believe that all who die as non-Catholics are lost.

The real evil thing is not believing in the possibility that a jew who rejects Christ might make it, or that a muslim who hates the Church might make it, or that some snake worshiper might make it, it’s: believing that you have to be baptized and be Catholic. That’s the real heresy. That’s the root cause of this apostasy, that’s the heresy to be destroyed, in this wicked perversion of the truth.

And it’s worth mentioning and necessary to mention that those who don’t denounce someone like this are evil.

Like, there’s another ‘traditionalist’ speaker who’s promoting this guy…if you affiliate yourself with this guy, you will be condemned. You’re rejecting Christ, you’re rejecting Dogmas…you can claim to stand for other truths, but you are promoting heresy.

Bro. Michael: And now that someone has heard that he denounces as heretics those who hold that you have to a baptized Catholic to be saved, to even receive the Sacraments from this guy, at this point in time or once a person has gotten this information, is to lose your soul.

It’s just that simple, if someone who’s claiming to be a traditionalist Bishop or priest denounces as heretical the position that ‘you need to be a baptized Catholic to be saved’ you cannot receive the Sacraments from him.

Even with the [other] guys who hold the position, and believe in ‘baptism of desire and blood’, and salvation for non-Catholics, if they denounce as being heretics those who hold the correct Catholic position that you need to be baptized and Catholic, then they wouldn’t even be options to receive the Sacraments and certainly you could never give them a penny, [to] those particular persons.

Someone should find out and ascertain what they exactly believe on these particular issues, because you might very well find out that they hold the same position as this heretic Bishop Dolan, or a very similar position that: «I think you may very well be a heretic if you hold that [“feeneyite” E.D.] position…» you shouldn’t even go, then, if it comes down to that.

Bro. Peter: And so, since he’s affiliated with Bishop Sanborn, “Fr.” Cekada, those priests should be shunt, completely. And obviously the Society of Saint Pius V would fall into the same category and we’ve mentioned that in the past.

Bro. Michael: And even with some of these guys that you might be able to go to, I wouldn’t even come to – if you want to receive Communion from them – I wouldn’t even arrive on time, I’d come like ten/twenty minutes into their Mass. And if you want to maybe walk in there and walk in the line, receive Communion, kneel down the back or something, or look through the window and wait ‘till they distribute Communion and then go up and receive, and then maybe go to Confession, possibly for that, but, you need to find out whether they hold the position that belief that ‘you need to be a baptized Catholic to be saved’, if they think it’s heretical, if they think you may not be a Catholic for holding that, don’t receive the Sacraments from them at all.

And if they tolerate your position, or they just think maybe you’re wrong but not a heretic, yes it’s possible to receive the Sacraments from them, but if you contribute anything to them you’ve committed a grave sin, you will lose your soul, because you’re supporting heretics, you’re supporting a person that doesn’t hold the right positions, and also a group that funds and publishes books and literature to tell people how “people can be saved outside the Church”, or “there is baptism of desire and blood”, or “you can use natural family planning”.


Bro. Peter: And so, this Dogma is not stood up for, and almost everyone is denying it, and it’s something where a lot of people can claim to be against the ‘Vatican II’ church but if they accept the heretic like this, then they’re just phonies.

Bro. Michael: Yea, and to mention some of the other so called “traditionalist” Bishops, Bishop McKenna says that: the definition from the Council of Florence is a warning, it’s not so much a solemn judgement or statement – I think he said – but it’s a warning.

Bro. Peter: Yea, and he’s explicitly said that “Fr.” Denis Fahey’s statement that jews who reject Christ can be in the state of Grace, he says that’s not heresy. So, he agrees that a jew who rejects Christ could be saved.

As I’ve asked so many others, and these people are such liars, and you can see why they go to Hell forever, and you can see why these people are condemned. Because they don’t love the Truth, they hate the Truth, and I’ve asked so many people about this statement of “Fr.” Denis Fahey: «do you reject this statement as heretical, where he says jews who reject Christ can be in the state of Grace?» And again and again, these dishonest people denied that he’s saying that. Because they’re too cowardly, they’re too dishonest, to simply admit that it is heretical, that this priest, who they otherwise thought was so good, could’ve taught such a horrible heresy, and so they deny the truth and lie.

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