L’Intera Verità circa il Processo al Monastero della Famiglia Santissima [ENG]

Clicca qui per andare alla sezione su Eric Hoyle nel sito del MFSS

1. “An explanation of our lawsuit, and the truth of our case”: 0:23

2. “Joseph Myers explains that the primary reason Eric left is because he changed his religion. He also explains how Erics view of things concerning us became distorted.”: 1:26:42

3. “Joseph explains how once Eric changed his religion, he was trying to get the money he donated, back.”: 1:28:35

4. “Joseph covers more of Erics Pharisaism.” 1:29:04

5. “Joseph explains the events behind how they suddenly decided to leave. He explains how Eric was holding the R.I. heretical theological writings in his hand at the time. They were the prime cause of his decision to leave.” 1:30:12

6. “Joseph reveals more of the Jansenistic, Pharisaical outlook Eric embraced after he left MHFM. He explains how Eric, after he left, criticized him for taking a shower or washing his clothes or brushing his teeth too often.”: 1:32:35

7. “Joseph reveals Erics clear intention to destroy MHFM no matter what it takes, as some sort of personal vendetta that arose once he concluded that he didn’t agree with us theologically anymore. He explains how Eric was trying to have us arrested and implicated in some crime (which of course he couldn’t do since we are guilty of nothing). Joseph explains Erics desire to get Bro. Michael arrested for supposed driving violations. While he was here, Eric never once mentioned his problems with Bro. Michael’s driving. Joseph also covers what happened when Eric decided to leave.”: 1:34:09

8. “Joseph covers more of how Eric, once he left the monastery and fell into schism, was a total Pharisee.”: 1:42:19

9. “Joseph explains how Eric was trying to have us arrested in any way he could. He also covers other things.”: 1:45:04

10. “Joseph reveals how Eric told him about how he got some kind of sick sexual charges or temptations from one of our cats!”: 1:49:34

11. “Joseph further explains how Eric, in the completely warped and sick view of things that he adopted after leaving MHFM, somehow tried to blame us for his sick problem! He has a sick problem, with which we of course had nothing whatsoever to do, and he blames us!”: 1:51:13

12. “Joseph acknowledges his poor choice, and gives more facts on the case.”: 1:53:30

13. “Bro. Michael Dimond, Bro. Peter Dimond Win Lawsuit Against Eric Hoyle”: 1:55:51

14. Clip from “On “Fr.” Gruner, The Last Days & Lies In SSPX Book ‘True Or False Pope?’”: 2:10:41

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